The Model Community

Modeled after the Triune God, community is a people intended to be forever, not transient or divisible. If you ever get confused about what community should look like, you ought to first study the Trinity. It is there you find that community is not only pure and holy, but it is uncreated, unstained, and has existed forever and will exist forever.

Community Before Creation

In the beginning before anything in creation came into being, God was there. This loaded statement, “in the beginning God” indicates that before there was time, God was there. Before there were atoms and molecules, or stars and galaxies, there was God. This God we know from the rest of Scripture has existed forever without having any beginning and without having any end. But this God was far from being alone. Just within the opening verses of Genesis, Moses mentions there that the Spirit of God was present and hovering over the creation. Then in Genesis 1:26-27 we get a really specific look at who this God really is. 

“Then God said, “Let us make man in our image, according to our likeness.”

We cannot fathom what occupied that eternal space and time that came before that first second in Creation, but we know that there was nothing but God and that He was far from being alone. 

In this text, He refers to Himself with a plural pronoun 3 different times. Not only that, but verse 26 is in itself a conversation taking place between God and God. He is not talking to himself, we believe that God is not one person but three, therefore He (the Father) was speaking to the Son and the Holy Spirit.

No man can adequately define the Trinity, as there is nothing else like it. Yet, it is the Trinity that points us to the perfect modeled community. This means that community is not a created concept, like anthropology or sociology, though through those means we most often evaluate community. It is actually an uncreated eternal characteristic of God himself, which makes this sblog series on community much more of a theological discussion more than a sociological one.

The Perfect Tribe

It’s not hard to recognize that community is a people who are well known by one another unashamedly. The three persons of the God-head know one another infinitely and completely, as there is no division or hidden thing between any person of the Trinity. Together the Father, Son, and Spirit each have had a role in creation, and together are the source and fountain of truth.

This perfect tribe never ceases maintaining harmonious uniqueness in roles, responsibilities, and personalities. In the very first chapter of Genesis alone, the Spirit hovered over the waters, The Father spoke, and according to Colossians 1:18 the Son brought all things into existence and sustains them by His power. Throughout the Scriptures, from Genesis to Revelation, there is a story woven of the Model Community creating, sustaining, and restoring mankind.

Quick Summary

  1. Community is from the Triune nature of God.
  2. Community is unashamed closeness with one another forever.
  3. Community is an expression of God’s character and His being.

With these truths in mind, as disciples we must be diligent to cultivate and protect community. Doing so demonstrates the very likeness of the image and character of God.

For God’s Glory Alone

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